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Tube inox

1m Tube inox 63,5mm de diamètre


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Tube d'échappement en acier inoxydable de 1 mètre diamètre 63,5mm

Tuyau d'échappement droit en acier inoxydable

Tube inox de 10 cm pour système d'échappement

We deliver stainless steel pipes for exhaust system construction. These stainless steel pipes are cut from 6m pipes. Please understand that tolerances due to this cutting up to 5cm can occur. The pipes are perfectly weldable and are made for exhaust system construction.

Material: stainless steel 1.4301 / SS304 / V2A
diameter Standard: 63,5mm (measured outside)
Exact Diameter: 63,5mm (measured outside)
Wall Thickness: 1,5mm
Length: 100cm +/- 5cm

The pipes may have scratches due to stocking. This is not relevant for exhaust system construction. We don't offer Show-and-Shine pipes or Construction pipes for other uses. Because we cut the pipes from longer pieces, tolerances up to 5cm can occur due to cutting!

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