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Coudes courts pour soudage

Coude court aluminium 90° de 55mm diamètre


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Coude court aluminium 90° diamètre 55mm

Coude aluminium de haute qualité

Tube aluminium idéal pour le soudage

High quality aluminum elbow shaped of one piece. The elbow has the same wall thickness through which is not the case avec other wrought elbows. avec wrought elbows usually a thin spot occurs which can easily rupture or break. avec our elbows you have the same thickness and stability at every point. This is why our elbows are suitable for every boost pressure and why these elbows can get cut in every angle (e.g. 1x90° could be cut into 2x 45°) and every cutting edge has the same wall thickness and a perfect weldseam.

Outer Diameter: 55mm
Wall Thickness: 2mm
Material Term: AlMgSi0,5
Bending radius: 72mm
Curve: 90° (can be cut into any elbows)

Our Aluminium pipes are perfectly suited for welding of good air charging systems. The elbows are Made in Germany!

Serveur Minecraft